GPC 59450, enMotion® Water-Resistant Automated Towel Dispenser
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Water-resistant dispenser design enables towels to remain dry while cleaning with pressurized water spray.
enMotion® Automated Towel Dispensers have set the standard for improving hygiene, and now they have raised it to a higher level with a new water-resistant design. The new enMotion® Water-Resistant Dispenser’s touchless dispenser guards against the transfer of harmful microorganisms during the hand-drying process while ensuring the towels inside are protected from moisture during high-pressured wash down procedures


» Automatic, touch free or touch-free dispensing means safer food handling because it helps eliminate cross-contamination » Adjustable settings for sheet length, time delay, sensor range and dispensing mode controls usage and increases operational efficiency » One-at-a-time towel dispensing reduces waste and lowers operating costs » Rubber seals lock out moisture so the dispenser does not have to be removed during wash down » Towels remain dry while dispenser can be sprayed with cold or hot water up to 140° F and 1,100 psi at a maximum of 3ft away » Closable Hatch prevents towels from becoming wet or contaminated during wash down procedure

Price: $159.99


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