Georgia Pacific – Impulse 8


As we told you before, Q4 distributes Georgia-Pacific products. Last blog gave some information on the water resistant Automated Dispenser. Today we will give some quick product information on the enMotion Impulse® 8 paper towel dispenser. Packing a mighty capacity for clean in such a small body, the Impulse 8 is built for break rooms, small bathrooms, kitchens or anyplace where space is tight or limited.

Equipped with all the basic accessories of the original, the compact 13″x13″ body, contains a full size roll paper towel. Standard features of the Impulse 8 are:

  • Touch-free dispensing
  • Adjustable settings for sheet length, time delay, sensor range and dispense mode.
  • Quiet operation on 3 D cell alkaline batteries which come included with the dispenser
  • One at a time dispensing encourages users to take only what they need.

All of these features make for a great money saving paper towel dispenser. The enMotion Impulse® 8 gives a highly professional low profile appearance with its translucent smoke color and small curvy design.  Fits and adapts to any room you can think to put it in and adapts to decor.

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