enMotion Towel Choices

So far, you have been receiving a lot of product information on the Georgia-Pacific enMotion Paper Towel Dispensers.  But which paper towel are you supposed to use? Which one would best for your business? Georgia-Pacific makes specific paper towels for each kind of dispenser. There are five different kinds of roll paper towel that fit in the Georgia Pacific Surface Mounted Dispensers.

White or Brown Roll Paper Towels


  • 89460- This is the standard enMotion roll paper towel. The 89460 is a high quality and high capacity, 10 inch wide roll. As with all surface mounted roll paper towel it comes in a case of 6. Each roll is 800 feet long. Perfect for bathrooms with high traffic, the 89460 has up to 800 hand dries per refill.
  • 89490-Basically the same towel as the 89460, but with the added difference of being compliant with EPA guideline and containing 40% of post-consumer recycled material.
  • 89470-This paper towel is 100% recycled material. Perfect for consumers who are eco conscious and also interested in cost effective paper towel and getting a lot for the value.
  • 89465 Lotion Towel-These towels are ideal for restaurants and hospitals and other places where frequent hand washing occurs. Lotion Towels are designed to protect hands from the dryness, cracking and scaling that is the result of frequent hand washing. Moisture activated, they feel the same as other enMotion paper towels until touched with a wet hand. Water activates the lotion contained in the towel.
  • 89480-This is your standard brown roll paper towel. No frills and efficient, this towel is functional, absorbent and 100% recycled.

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