4 Spring Cleaning Tips to Refresh Your Facility

After a long, hard winter, we are excited to welcome a new season and one of our favorite traditions — spring cleaning! This time of renewal is perfect for giving your facility an overall refresh. Follow these four spring cleaning tips to get rid of the remnants of winter grime and prepare to welcome a new season.

Conduct a Thorough Walk-Through

Looking for small issues now to prevent them from becoming big problems. Focusing on tiny details can make a big impact on the functionality and appearance of your space. Look at things that may normally be overlooked, like your door stops, sticking locks, light switches, corner guards, face plates, ceiling towels, shelving, cabinets and more. Identify opportunities for repairs, replacements and small but meaningful ways to boost the appearance of your facility.

Refresh Your Floors

Winter takes a toll on both hard surface and carpeted floors. Spring is the ideal time for a deep cleaning. Extend the life of your hard surface floors by stripping and waxing, and give your carpets a good shampooing to reduce allergens and keep them looking new. We highly recommend that schools start thinking about and planning for summer maintenance at this time as well. Make a plan for maintaining your gym floors after students are gone for the year.

Choose Green Cleaning Products

If you haven’t already incorporated green cleaning products and more sustainable practices into your cleaning program, ask us how you can get started with simple changes this spring. We are happy to recommend our favorite Green Seal certified products for any task along with recycled paper products, microfiber cloths, greener equipment and more.

Focus on Restrooms

Periodic deep cleaning can remove any built-up dirt and grime missed by your regular daily cleaning in restrooms. Take a look at your mirrors, sinks, partitions, dispensers and other elements. Does anything need to be repaired? Do any elements look past their prime? Spring is a great time to replace and fix up anything that can create a negative impression of your restrooms and your business.

If your restrooms are in need of a refresh, we can connect you with the finest restroom partitions from Bobrick, American Specialty, Bradley, AJ Washroom and more. Let us finish your restroom with state-of-the-art towel and toilet paper dispensers, mirrors, hand dryers and more. Whether you are project manager, construction company or end-user, we can bring expertise to your restroom project, and we bring you a turn-key project. We don’t just sell restroom partitions and accessories — we can also install them! Contact us today for your free restroom consultation.



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