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Office Buildings & Real Estate Companies 

At Q4, we recognize the significant challenges that the Real Estate industry has faced over the past decade. Like many businesses, the real estate industry has been challenged during the current recession. Some properties have had lower occupancy, reduced rent and/or increased costs. While we cannot solve every problem, we can definitely help you improve the look of your properties restrooms and decrease your associated

supply cost.

We want your restrooms to be as outstanding as the rest of your company. Do you want new stainless automated towel dispensers, toilet paper dispensers, soap dispensers and toilet seat cover dispensers for your clients? Just ask and we will provide and install every one of these restroom dispensers at no cost to you. Your office restroom will become the most attractive restrooms around town.

Straight forward, cost effective and efficient solutions.


Not only will we compare the various product costs, but we will look at the related labor costs to determine if your overall savings is better.

We have spent years developing a unique proprietary quantitative analysis that will examine every item you buy to insure that you are purchasing the item that gives you the lowest cost. We will look at your costs for paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, toilet seat covers, trash liners (bags) and even air fresheners. Sounds easy, but it is not. For example, we don’t just compare the price of a case of paper towels, we evaluate whether it is more cost effective to use roll towels versus multifold. We will provide you a similar analysis for ever product you use.  We want to provide strategic solutions and help you save as much money as possible. Everyone says that they can lower your cost or give you the best deal, but our analysis will show you in black and white if the item you are purchasing is the best value.

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