Janitorial equipment

Electrostatic Sprayers in Kansas City

Electrostatic Sprayers

Ideal for disinfecting, sanitizing and odor removal, our electrostatic sprayers from Triple S and Victory Innovations increase efficiency and allow you to cover more square feet in less time and with less chemicals. Save time and labor while disinfecting every nook and cranny of your facility.
Janitorial equipment in Kansas City

Wet/Dry Vacs

Durable, powerful and easy to use, our wet/dry vacs from Kärcher, NaceCare, Triple S and other top manufacturers can handle anything from fine dust and debris to liquids. Clean multiple surface types with these versatile units that make quick work of cleaning up both liquid spills and dry messes.
Wide area vacuums

Wide-Area Vacuums

Get labor-saving ultra-wide cleaning paths with these vacuums. Boasting extreme durability and powerful cleaning performance, these vacuums offer convenience and ergonomic designs that make quick work of vacuuming any area.

Small Area Floor Scrubbers

Our inventory of small area floor scrubbers from Kärcher, NaceCare and others provides impressive performance in tight areas. Whether on artificial or natural stone, linoleum, epoxy resin or PVC, these floor scrubbers get the job done faster and more thoroughly than cleaning by hand.

Ride-On Floor Scrubbers

When your floors need frequent, thorough scrubbing, our inventory of dependable ride-on floor scrubbers helps them look their best. Choose from units by Triple S, Kärcher and NaceCare that clean large spaces in less time and come in a range of sizes and features.

Walk-Behind Floor Scrubbers

Available in a range of sizes with innovative features, our walk-behind automatic floor scrubbers boost productivity while reducing labor costs. Keep your floors looking their best with these best-in-class scrubbers from Triple S, Kärcher and other top manufacturers.
Air Movers Janitorial Equipment in Kansas City

Air Movers

Our inventory of air movers from Triple S, Sanitaire, Kärcher and others create maximum air velocities for efficient, powerful drying. If you’re looking for the best solution for hard-to-dry areas like carpets, pads, walls and sub-floors, these air movers are the key.
floor burnishers


Bring out the original shine of your floors with our selection of burnishers. These high-speed machines from Triple S and Kärcher achieve a high gloss shine with just a few passes.

Floor Machines (Buffers)

Available in a range of sizes and configurations, our floor buffers provide power and versatility for buffing, polishing, stripping, scrubbing, screen cleaning or bonnet cleaning.

Carpet Extractors & Encapsulation Equipment

Pairing maneuverability and productivity, our carpet extractors and encapsulators make carpet care easier than ever before. These units offer unbeatable cleaning performance and many are big enough to tackle the largest carpeted areas in your facility.

Upright Vacuums

Increase your productivity and achieve exceptional cleaning with our upright vacuums. We provide upright vacs from Kärcher, ProTeam, Triple S, Sanitaire and others that lead the industry in reliability and convenience.
Kansas city janitorial equipment


These high-performance, multi-surface cleaning units from Kärcher are designed for increased productivity and maneuverability on hard and soft floors. The patented stand-on design makes vacuuming easier with 360-degree visibility and intuitive controls.
floor sweepers

Floor Sweepers

User-friendly and efficient, our automatic floor sweepers are available in ride-on and walk-behind models. These high performance machines effortlessly sweep floors in one pass, saving time and costs.
Restroom Cleaning Machines

Restroom Cleaning Machines

The CR2 restroom cleaning and restoration system from EDIC is touch-free restroom cleaning and floor restoration equipment designed for cleaning the most challenging room in any public facility. Now you can clean toilets, urinals, and restroom floors without getting your hands dirty.

Oscillating Floor Machines

Clean, scrub, sand, polish, extract and grind with these all-purpose floor machines. Patented technology gives you the versatility to clean multiple floor surfaces quickly and efficiently.
Backpack Vacuums

Backpack Vacuums

Want to increase productivity? When used properly, one of these backpack vacs can replace four or more uprights when simplifying maintenance, reducing dust and improving outcomes. Don’t believe us? Schedule your free demo!

Portable Air Filtration Equipment

AeraMax Pro commercial grade air purifiers bring together smart and effective technology in an integrated and reliable solution to remove 99.97% of all airborne contaminants.

Aqueous Ozone Products

We offer equipment that produces Aqueous Ozone. Our Aqueous Ozone equipment can deliver ozonated water capable of maintaining clean, bacteria free ice & eliminating the need to ever clean an ice machine. The larger machine above uses ozonated water in a restroom cleaning machine.

Cleaning Equipment for Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning Units (PTAC)

We distribute the only cleaning equipment specifically designed to clean PTAC Units. PTAC is a self-contained heating & air conditioning system commonly found in hotels, motels, nursing & retirement facilities, hospitals, condominiums, & apartment buildings. The key to our equipment is that it only requires one employee to clean the PTAC unit.

Pressure Washers and Wet Dry Vacuums

We currently distribute hot & cold pressure washers from Karcher & Wet Dry Vacuums from Karcher, Nacecare and Triple S. Karcher (and other brands that they own) has become the biggest manufacturer of pressure washers in the United States. Karcher makes gasoline and electric pressure washers. We also carry electric and battery operated Wet Dry Vacuums.

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