Warewash & Laundry Services

Do you have a commercial dishwasher, three compartment sinks or a commercial washing machine in your facility? If so, Q4 Industries has the solution for you.

Commercial Warewashing

At Q4, we offer chemical dispensing systems for all commercial kitchen units and three (3) compartment sinks. Our chemical system and related training promotes correct procedures in dish washing, sanitizing, rinsing and drying techniques. The importance of having an effective sanitation procedure is to destroy organisms which may be left behind on dishes or utensils after cleaning. In turn, this prevents the transfer of these organisms to a future consumer.

Our warewash chemical dispensing systems ensure that your dishes, utensils and equipment come out as clean as the day they first arrived.

Q4′s warewash customers can be found throughout the Kansas City area in restaurants, catering venues, churches, education facilities, nursing homes and many other food service venues.

Laundry Services

Clean wash rags, table linens, bed sheets, uniforms, personal clothing and more are essential supplies for many businesses. From choosing the correct chemicals for your facility’s needs to installing the most efficient dispensing systems, Q4 Industries is here to assist in making these solutions possible. We are very excited to be the exclusive distributor in our area for the only laundry soap that is also a registered EPA disinfectant. This unique product is very important to environments like schools, nursing and retirement centers and gym facilities. We offer our laundry products and assistance throughout Kansas City and the Midwest region in various athletic facilities, healthcare facilities, education and government locations.

Cost Savings, Guaranteed.

We have spent years developing a unique proprietary quantitative analysis that will examine every item you buy to ensure that you are purchasing the item that gives you the lowest cost. We will look at your costs for warewash and laundry chemicals. Sounds easy, but it is not. For example, we don’t just compare the price of a pail of detergent; we evaluate which chemical product is the most cost effective solution for your business. Not every laundry or dishwashing has the same chemical needs. We want to provide strategic solutions and help you save as much money as possible. Everyone says that they can lower your cost or give you the best deal, but our analysis will show you in black and white if the item you are purchasing is the best value.