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Ultra Light, Ultra Strong: Introducing the NEW Kärcher BVL 5/1 BP Backpack Vac in Kansas City

Ultra light and ultra strong, Kärcher’s BVL 5/1 BP backpack vacuum is the world’s first battery powered unit made from ultra lightweight EPP material. Weighing …

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SensaMist S3000: The Magic of Scent Made Simple

Our sense of smell is intimately linked to perceptions, memory and emotions. Scents, both unpleasant and pleasant, create an emotional response that can remind us …

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Concrete Repairs in Kansas City

Long-Lasting, Affordable Concrete Repairs in Kansas City

At some point or another, nearly every one of our customers has faced a problem with concrete spalling, cracking or deteriorating. The application of ice …

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Restroom Cleaning Machines in Kansas City

Touch-Free Cleaning with EDIC CR2 Restroom Cleaning Machine in Kansas City

Maintaining public restrooms is challenging work that requires balancing efficiency with results while protecting your cleaning team from germs. EDIC’s CR2 touch-free restroom cleaning machine …

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Product Spotlights

Triple S Floor Finish

Triple S Premier Floor Finishes

No ones likes grungy scuff marks on their floors. If you are in the floor finishing market, here are three of my favorite high quality …

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Triple S Perisept Disinfectant

Triple S Perisept Disinfectant

Triple S (SSS) has released an innovative and cutting-edge disinfectant that is guaranteed to change how professional health buildings are cleaned. It’s called Perisept Sporicidal …

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ProTeam Vacuum

Choosing ProTeam – Super Coach Pro 6 & 10

For individuals with less than perfect backs *cough, myself included* keep reading, your back will thank you later. Founded in 1987 in Boise, Idaho, ProTeam …

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Georgia Pacific Dispenser

Recessed Dispenser by Georgia Pacific

For the past week we have been giving you information about the Georgia-Pacific enMotion line. We talked about the water-resistant automated dispenser, and the small and …

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