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Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment


Floor Cleaning Equipment FOR EVERY kansas city INDUSTRY

Q4 is proud to offer the very best commercial & industrial floor cleaning equipment in the Kansas City area. Our wide portfolio of inventory includes professional cleaning equipment for every industry and environment in Kansas City, from front offices to the back warehouse. We provide complete equipment packages for all your cleaning needs with our innovative line of commercial floor scrubbers, industrial sweepers, commercial pressure washers, floor machines, burnishers, and more.

Micro Floor Scrubbers less than 20”

Compact floor scrubbers are ideal for spaces that demand agility, these micro floor scrubbers effortlessly navigate through narrow hallways and around tight corners. Lightweight and user-friendly, these scrubbers are perfect for daily cleaning tasks in commercial establishments such as restaurants, boutiques, and offices. Their compact design not only ensures efficient storage but also promotes swift maneuverability with enhanced productivity.



If you are looking for a high performance walk behind commercial floor scrubber in Kansas City, turn to Q4. We provide the leading walk-behind floor scrubbing machines that help you clean floors of all types more efficiently. Our floor scrubber machines redefine maneuverability with their innovative designs, and some commercial floor scrubber models deliver powerful sweeping and scrubbing in just one pass. If you are looking for a durable and reliable floor scrubber, we right one for you.



At Q4 Industries, we understand the importance of maintaining clean safe floors in industrial and commercial settings. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of ride-on floor scrubbers that are engineered for exceptional performance and productivity. Our ride-on floor scrubbers are designed to effortlessly tackle even the most challenging floor cleaning tasks, leaving your floors clean and slip-resistant.


Restroom & Tile CLeaners

These machines are perfect for restroom cleaning and restoration. They have systems that are designed for touch free restroom cleaning. The EDIC equipment designed for cleaning the most challenging room in any public facility. They are a compact and powerful solution for heated carpet & upholstery cleaning, hard surface cleaning and restoration, and touch-free restroom cleaning.



We believe in embracing innovation to meet your industrial sweeping needs head-on. Our powerful sweeper machines are designed to effortlessly navigate large spaces, while quickly clearing away debris and minimizing airborne dust. With Q4 Industries’ rider sweepers, you not only achieve a clean & safe environment, but also maximize productivity, making them the ideal choice for your business.


Carpet Extractors

At Q4 Industries, we’re dedicated to delivering superior carpet cleaning equipment and our carpet extractors are no exception. Designed for both efficiency and productivity, our carpet extractors make quick work of removing dirt, stains, and grime from carpets of all types. With advanced technology and user-friendly features, our extractors ensure a deep and thorough clean, revitalizing your carpets and creating a welcoming environment.


Wet Dry Vacs

Our Wet Dry Vacs are engineered to tackle both liquid spills and dry debris with equal ease. These robust machines are the go-to choice for versatile cleaning needs in a range of industrial and commercial settings. With Q4 Industries’ Wet Dry Vacs, you gain the power to quickly and effectively handle a variety of messes, making them an indispensable tool for maintaining cleanliness and efficiency in your workspace.



At Q4 Industries, we recognize the significance of maintaining clean exteriors for businesses and industries. Our commercial pressure washers are the ultimate solution for powerful and efficient outdoor cleaning. With robust performance and versatility, our pressure washers are designed to remove dirt, grime, and tough stains from surfaces such as building facades, sidewalks, and industrial equipment.


floor machines

At Q4 Industries, we’re dedicated to offering a comprehensive range of floor maintenance solutions, including our well engineered slow-speed floor machines. These dependable, low-paced workhorses are ideal for achieving precision and control when stripping, buffing, or scrubbing your floors. Our reliable slow-speed floor machines ensure a flawless finish while minimizing the risk of damage to your floors.



At Q4 Industries, we offer high-quality floor burnishers designed to make your floors shine effortlessly and give you that glass look to your floor. Our high speed floor burnishers are built for delivering a polished, glossy finish to your floor surfaces. Trust Q4 Industries for your floor care needs and let our floor burnishers give your floor space a brilliant, professional look.


Upright Vacuums

Commercial vacuums are an essential tool for your carpet care plan. Our units are specifically engineered for frequent and heavy-duty usage, these vacuums are tailored to handle the diverse challenges presented by commercial spaces such as hotels, offices, and retail outlets. Ergonomically designed for operator comfort and efficiency, these vacuums streamline the cleaning process, making it easier for businesses to maintain a clean and welcoming environment.


BackPack Vacuums

Backpack vacuums embody the synergy of mobility and cleaning efficiency. These units enable operators to navigate crowded or tight spaces with ease, from staircases to narrow hallways. Corded electric models ensure consistent power and unlimited runtime, making them ideal for extended cleaning sessions in vast commercial spaces. On the other hand, battery-powered versions offer unparalleled freedom of movement, unencumbered by power outlets, making them perfect for wide open areas or where cords can be a hazard.