Janitorial Supplies for
Construction Firms & General Contractors

Q4 Industries developed a niche business beginning in 2003 selling restroom partitions and washroom accessories to the construction industry across the entire United States. We have provided these materials to every size general contractor, sub-contractor, and remodeler. While we have sold into every part of the United States, we are proud of supporting the local construction companies in and around the Kansas City area.

These construction companies send us their restroom plans (sometimes we get sophisticated drawings or blueprints and other times we get handwritten drawings). From those plans, we will provide an estimate for the restroom remodel and furnish the construction company a proposal and final drawings that we will need for them to approve. We can do this in no more than 1 to 2 business days.

In addition to providing the proposal and drawings, we will provide suggested products and any advice as to how to improve the restroom plans. We use the very best manufacturers in the country for our restroom partitions and washroom accessories. These manufacturers include Bobrick, American Specialty (ASI), Bradley and AJ Washroom. If the plans include employee or customer lockers we use ASI Storage Solutions.

For the most part, the manufacturer that we select is typically based on the type of partition that the contractor wants to utilize. Certain manufacturers are better in some materials than others. We are here to point you in the right direction and to make certain that we are using the best manufacturer for your restroom project. Contact us today to learn more!