Our Cleaning supplies in Kansas City

Cleaning & Disinfectant Chemicals

We carry an extensive line of cleaning chemicals, disinfectants, grout cleaners, window cleaners and restroom chemicals. While our primary chemical product line is the Triple S line of chemicals, we also feature many other chemicals such as Split-A NonDetergent Chemical, Envirox and chemicals from leading manufacturers such Proctor and Gamble, Lysol and many more.

Paper Products & Dispensers

Our wide selection of paper products and dispensers includes products from Georgia Pacific, Triple S, Sellar’s and von Drehle, including the enMotion, Flex, Sofpull, Pacific Blue, Transcend, Sterling, Sterling Select, Kleenex, Scott and Cottonelle brands. We also carry Kimberly Clark and Essity Paper, plus Boardwalk, Marcal, Windsoft and Cascade. With this large group of paper suppliers, we have any paper solution you need!
Paper Products & Dispensers

Trash Liners

We love trash liners (some folks call them Trash Bags)! Why do we love trash liners? For most distributors, trash liners are a dull topic, but we love trash liners because we can save most of our customers significant cost in this category. We get tremendous savings because we carry trash liner products and sizes that our competitors don’t offer. Don’t believe us? Well, we’ll give you a free case of trash liners if we are not able to save you money. Our most popular trash liner manufacturers are Rollpak, Berry and Aluf Plastics.

Trash Waste & Recycling Receptacles

We sell lots of trash and recycling receptacles (remember when they use to be referred to as trash cans?) for every space in your facility, from inside to outdoors. Rubbermaid is one of the most popular trash and recycling receptacle manufacturers in the country. While we sell Rubbermaid, we pride ourselves on distributing many other manufacturers’ trash receptacles. This wide range of products enables us deliver you the best looking trash cans and the most economical options. We have supplied thousands of trash and recycling receptacles to some of the largest buildings in the region and some of the most prominent sports stadiums.

Hard Floor & Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Using the right chemistry on your hard floors and carpet will make the difference between success and failure. Q4 Industries has an enormous number of options for both of these type of floors. Let us know what you are trying to accomplish and we will be happy to recommend the best solution. Whether your problem is a dull shine on your hard floor or red spots from Jello that spilled on the carpet or those nasty dark black grout lines that are supposed to be white, Q4 Industries has the solution.

Floor Matting

Do you want a clean building? Then let’s make certain that you are using the correct style of matting and they are located at the correct locations in your building. The key to a clean building is stopping the dirt before it enters the space. Whether you need entrance matting, exterior matting, scraper mats, wiper mats, anti-fatigue matting or chair matting, we have the solution for you.
Floor Matting in Kansas City
Window Cleaning Supplies

Window Cleaning Chemicals & Tools

Tired of dirty and streaky windows? We’ve got the cleaning chemical and tools for you. We have a complete selection of Triple S branded window cleaning chemicals (Ready To Use, Concentrate and Aerosol). We also carry a large showroom selection of window poles, squeegees and hundreds of other tools by Ettore and Unger. For large projects, Unger and Ettore has specialized equipment that create Deionized Water which is a fantastic glass cleaner, along with Graphite poles that extend to several floors on a building. Ask us to provide a demonstration of any of our window cleaning solutions!

Facility Maintenance & Office Supplies

Customers are looking to make life simpler, and for that reason, we’ve made our company a one-stop-shop for everything that your business may need. Look to us for your housekeeping carts, stools and ladders, tools, tables and chairs, office supplies and packing or shipping supplies. Did you know that we have access to over 30,000 office supplies that we can deliver to your office the next day? That’s right, the next day!
Office and Facility Maintenance Supplies
Storage and material handling

Storage & Material Handling

We frequently get asked for platform trucks, tilt trucks and storage solutions. We have the solution for you and can deliver the next business day.

Restroom Supplies, Odor Control, Hand Soaps & Hand Sanitizers

A clean restroom that smells pleasant is critical to creating a positive impression with your customers. We have all of the chemicals, tools, odor control products and equipment that you need to have a clean and disinfected restroom. And please don’t overlook the importance of clean restroom grout. If your floor grout is dirty, then it will often make your entire restroom look dirty too.

COVID-19 Cleaning Supplies

COVID 19 has changed the ways we clean today. Disinfection has always been important but became even more critical during the pandemic. Our leading disinfectant kills COVID 19 in just 60 seconds. COVID increased the needs for nitrile, vinyl and latex gloves, alcohol-based hand sanitizer and new processes to ensure that everything was clean and disinfected. We have the chemicals, the tools and the processes. We’d love to share this information with you. Give us a call at 913.894.6240 to learn more.

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