About Us



22As leading suppliers and distributors of high quality janitorial
supplies, Q4 Industries, LLC. has one of the largest selections
of industrial cleaning supplies, food service equipment and other
commercial products in the Kansas City area… read more


Mission & Vision

 We strive to enhance our customers’ profitability
through excellence in distribution services and
product solutions…  read more


National & Local Affiliations 

1We are proud to support and affiliate with a strong number of
locally and nationally recognized organizations… read more



Suppliers & Partners 

DSCF86e45We are very proud of the fact that we are associated with the country’s leading manufacturers. These corporations ensure that we provide our customers with high quality janitorial supplies, food paper products and industrial chemicals within Kansas City… read more


Job Opportunities 

Q4 Industries is a leading distributor of top quality industrial 23chemicals, paper products and janitorial supplies. We are committed to serving large
and small businesses…  read more

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