Janitorial Supplies for
Healthcare facilities

Advanced and affordable medical cleaning supplies for healthcare facilities in Kansas City and the Midwest

Q4 Industries specializes in providing advanced and affordable medical cleaning supplies to healthcare facilities throughout the Kansas and Missouri area. As one of the leading healthcare distributors for janitorial and environmental products in Kansas City, we pride ourselves on unique products and cost effective solutions that meet the highest standard of quality.

At Q4 Industries, we recognize the significant challenges in healthcare.

Increased regulation, increasing cost, a shrinking labor pool and decreasing revenue are just a few of the challenges facing Environmental Services departments (EVS) at healthcare facilities today. Choosing the right janitorial supplies is just one part of running a successful hospital, nursing home or assisted living facility. Q4 Industries can significantly reduce your expense. As a matter of fact, we are so certain that we can reduce your cost that we will guarantee you that you will save money. Guaranteed!

Save Money, Guaranteed!

We have spent years developing a unique proprietary quantitative analysis that examines every item you buy to ensure you get the lowest cost. We look at your costs for everything from paper towels and toilet paper to hand soap, toilet seat covers, trash liners and even air fresheners.

Our analysis doesn’t end there. For example, we don’t just compare the price of a case of paper towels, we evaluate whether it is more cost-effective to use roll towels versus multifold towels. We conduct similar analysis for every product you use. Our strategic solutions help you save as much money as possible. Everyone says that they can lower your cost or give you the best deal, but our analysis will show you in black and white if the item you are purchasing is the best value.

Our membership in most major healthcare group purchasing organizations such as Premier, Navigator and MedAssets, combined with our proprietary quantitative analysis is a proven combination that we guarantee will reduce your costs.

Healthcare Innovations

Q4 Industries is on the cutting edge of healthcare solutions. We are the exclusive distributor of Perisept in the Kansas City region. Perisept is the first disinfectant on the market that kills the C-Diff spore within 2 minutes. Additionally, Perisept contains no bleach, so it kills the C-Diff spore without damaging any surface that it comes in contact with. You can use Perisept on computers, monitors, beds and nearly every surface found in your healthcare facility!

Continuous Training Throughout the Year

We provide our customers a three-part video training system to assist EVS employees in maintaining their carts and closets and teach them how to clean patient and operating rooms. Each employee is provided a workbook, a test and a completion certificate. Throughout the year, we provide training on topics like carpet cleaning, cleaning tile and grout and maintaining non-carpeted flooring. Contact us to learn more about our training and how we can save your healthcare facility money, guaranteed!