Restroom partitions and
accessories in kansas city

Since the inception of Q4 Industries in 2003, we have been actively involved in selling and consulting for restroom partitions and accessories.

Not only have we been involved in some of the largest projects in our region, but our specialists also sell restroom partitions and washroom accessories throughout the United States. Just as important as providing you quality partitions and restroom accessories, we bring expertise to ensure that you are using the right product for your project. We are honored to represent some of the best manufacturers in this space. We sell Bobrick, Bradley, American Specialty, AJ Washroom and many more.

We can source the finest restroom partition materials including Stainless, Phenolic, Baked Enamel and Solid Plastic. We can finish your restroom with state-of-the-art grab bars, towel and toilet paper dispensers, waste receptacles, feminine sanitary napkin dispensers, mirrors, toilet seat cover dispensers, hand dryers and many more accessories.

Whether you are an end-user, a construction company or a project manager, we can bring the expertise to your restroom project.
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Product Installations

Q4 Industries is also able to bring you a turn key project. Specifically, we can sell you the restroom partitions and accessories, but we can also install them in your existing building or construction project.