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Wet Dry Vacuums

Our Wet Dry Vacuums: The Ultimate Cleanup Solution

Our range of commercial wet dry vacuums offers a comprehensive solution for the efficient cleaning of various dirt types, including dry, damp, and liquid substances. These versatile machines are crucial tools for craftsmen, contract cleaners, auto detailers, and anyone in need of effective dirt removal. Whether dealing with coarse dirt, large liquid volumes, or the challenges of silica dust mitigation, our wet dry vacuums are designed to handle it all. With standard HEPA filtration and OSHA compliance for silica dust mitigation, they provide a reliable cleaning solution.

Key Benefits and Features of Our Wet Dry Vacuums
Discover our wet dry vacuums, the ultimate cleaning solution that seamlessly combines the following:

  1. Silica Dust Mitigation: Our wet dry vacuums are OSHA-compliant for silica dust mitigation, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment, particularly in construction and industrial settings.
  2. HEPA Filtration: These vacuums feature standard HEPA filtration, which is effective in trapping fine particles and enhancing air quality during cleaning.
  3. Versatile Cleaning: Wet dry vacuums can tackle a wide range of dirt, including dry, damp, and liquid substances, making them suitable for various applications.
  4. Robust and Durable: Our standard-class wet dry vacuums are known for their robust and durable construction, making them suitable for daily use in demanding environments, such as those in contract cleaning, hotels, and restaurants.
  5. Functional Principles: These vacuums employ different functional principles depending on the type of dirt being cleaned. They can handle coarse-grained, dusty dirt as well as low or high viscosity liquid contamination.
  6. Wet Dirt Handling: For wet dirt, a bypass blower generates a vacuum to transport liquids into the container. A mechanical float system or electronic automatic cutoff prevents liquids from reaching the fan in case of overfilling.
  7. Dry Dirt Handling: For dry dirt, a bypass blower creates a vacuum that transports dust inside the container. The dirt is separated or filtered through a flat filter or cartridge filter. Some models offer semi-automatic or fully automatic filter cleaning options to maintain high suction power over time.
  8. Automatic Filter Cleaning: Models with automatic filter cleaning ensure consistently high suction power without the need for manual filter cleaning. This saves time, reduces the risk of contact with dirt, and minimizes filter-related maintenance.
  9. Cost Savings: The automatic filter cleaning feature helps reduce costs by eliminating the need for filter bags and making full use of the container volume.
  10. Efficiency: The design of the suction hose port on the container aids in the separation of heavy, coarse particles, allowing the vacuum to operate efficiently, similar to a cyclone.


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