Concrete Repairs in Kansas City

Long-Lasting, Affordable Concrete Repairs in Kansas City

At some point or another, nearly every one of our customers has faced a problem with concrete spalling, cracking or deteriorating. The application of ice melt in the winter just exasperates the concrete problems in the Kansas City area. In the past, repairing these issues could be prohibitively expensive with no guarantee of lasting, but Elephant Armor’s new generation technology has revolutionized the way we complete concrete repairs in Kansas City.

This blog article will explain the technical and non-technical aspects of Elephant Armor, but the following short summary are the reasons that you should want to learn more about this amazing product:

  • Your concrete repairs will cost at least 40% less than using traditional concrete products.
  • Elephant Armor can be used to repair asphalt in addition to concrete.
  • There is no need to remove existing concrete. Elephant Armor can be used as a patch or an overlay as thin as a ¼” without removing existing concrete.
  • Elephant Armor can be used to solve every concrete repair issue, including stairs, spalling, vertical surfaces, warehouse floors and every other application.
  • Q4 Industries will sell you Elephant Armor to do your repairs internally (we will of course provide your staff the training that they need to be successful) or we have a trained team of professionals at Q4 that have repaired concrete all over the Kansas City area.
  • Our Q4 team has repaired concrete for three of the largest commercial properties in the Kansas City area as well as many commercial properties managed by the largest property managers in the area.
  • While nothing is perfect, we are not aware of any of our repairs over the last five years that have had any problems or issues.
  • For property managers, Elephant Armor should absolutely qualify for Common Area Maintenance (CAM) because it is truly a repair – it is not a replacement of concrete.

The Most Durable Concrete Repairs in Kansas City

Unlike other mortars, Elephant Armor is a fiber-based, single component, engineered ductal mortar. Besides creating a strong mechanical bond, the innovative fiber creates a fully engaged molecular bond within the mortar matrix. This provides extremely high flexural and tensile strength. The bond strength produced is vastly superior to anything else on the market today and significantly reduces the potential for failure.

Nothing flexes and takes movement better than Elephant Armor. Place it over severely degraded and broken surfaces, even in heavily trafficked areas, and it will significantly reduce the risk of delimitation and spalling. Its unparalleled durability, reliability and efficiency makes concrete repair less costly and more durable than ever before. Elephant Armor® maintains a strong resistance to de-icing salts, freeze-thaw cycles and abrasion. Elephant Armor will actually flex under pressure.

There is nothing on the market that acts like Elephant Armor. For example, if you take a ball of standard concrete and throw it up in the air 20 feet, it will shatter when it hits asphalt or concrete. If you take a ball of Elephant Armor and throw it 70 mph against a concrete wall, nothing will happen. This material is incredibly strong.

Elephant Armor DOT Industrial Grade Mortar

Concrete repairs in Kansas City

The permanent solution for active runways, busy highways, streets or parking lots. Elephant armor DOT Industrial Grade Mortar is an ultra-fast setting concrete repair and overlay mortar with superior bond strength of 4000 psi in 4 hours (you can put the concrete repair in service in just a couple of hours). Perfect for concrete repairs in Kansas City, new construction or maintenance work.

Elephant Armor Asphalt Repair & Micro-Trenching Reinstatement Material

This product is used for asphalt repairs. This product is identical to the Elephant Armor concrete products but comes with a black coloring in it so that it looks similar to your other asphalt.

Concrete Repairs in Kansas City

This single component, black, fiber-reinforced, fast-setting mortar is perfect for micro-trenching reinstatement material. Provides extremely high tensile end flexural strength and can be easily milled, unlike other reinstatement materials.

Elephant Armor Mortar/Overlay for Concrete Repairs in Kansas City

There are many applications that don’t require the extra strength of Elephant Armor’s D.O.T. product because heavy vehicles and equipment are not going over the repair. In this case, Elephant Armor Mortar/Overlay is the perfect solution.

This ultra-high performance mortar is ideal for patch and repair use on cracks, bridges, walkways, ramps, curbs, spalls, slabs, parking structures, tunnels, dams and anywhere a high strength concrete repair mortar is needed. With unparalleled tensile strength and structural flexibility, it can also be used to create seamless floors without expansion joints.

Concrete repairs in Kansas City

The before-and-after photos below show curb work performed by the Q4 concrete repair team at one of the largest corporate campuses in the Kansas City area.

Before and after concrete repairs in Kansas City

We’d love to show you concrete repairs that we’ve done throughout the Kansas City area using Elephant Armor. We’ve completed repairs at some of the area’s largest sports venues, office buildings and corporate campuses. See more of our concrete repairs in Kansas City here.

If you need concrete repairs in Kansas City that will last, we can help you choose the right Elephant Armor product for your needs. We’ll also provide comprehensive training or send out our team of professionals to complete repairs for you. To learn more or to schedule concrete repairs in Kansas City and the surrounding area, contact Q4 Industries at 913-894-6240.


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