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Choosing ProTeam – Super Coach Pro 6 & 10

For individuals with less than perfect backs *cough, myself included* keep reading, your back will thank you later.

Founded in 1987 in Boise, Idaho, ProTeam has become a market leader in commercial vacuums. With prime focuses on productivity and ergonomics, cost of ownership and indoor air quality, the powerful title is well deserved. Their newly released Super Coach Pro 6 & 10 backpack vacuums have a comfortable and functional design so the backpack vacuum feels as if it is a part of your body. By placing this product on your back, the weight is distributed to your natural center of gravity. No matter how you move – you have better balance.

ProTeam Vacuum

Productivity and Ergonomics

This innovative yet user-friendly product is lightweight fixing the common problem of limited mobility in an upright vacuum. With difficulty reaching behind, around and under furniture, a cordless backpack is just what customers needed. The Super Coach Pro series includes a maneuverable wand and floor kit, making those tiny creases easier to reach. You’re cleaning up to 3x faster compared to a traditional upright and increasing efficiency by 30%. You’re not only reducing the repetitive back and forth strains on your body, but less stress is caused because larger muscle groups are being used. To be exact, there is 20% less pressure on the body compared to a standard harness.

Upright Backpack
Weight 19 lbs 10 lbs [Wand tool: 3.5 lbs]
Movement Back and fourth Rotating

Cost of ownership

After a couple uses, this product has already paid itself off. How does saving up to $50,000 for every 100,00 sq. foot cleaned sound? The chart below demonstrates low repair costs compared to other vacuums.

Part ProTeam Backpack Average Commercial Upright
Motor $39 $54
Brush Roll $0 $30
Belts $0 $16
Motor Brushes $21 $21
Bearings $0 $3
Warranty 3 years 90 days
Yearly Maintenance Cost $60 $184
Average Life 7 years 1 year
Maintenance Cost (7 years) $420 $1,288

*Chart from ProTeam University
*Avg. 2 hrs/5 days a week

Indoor air quality

Seeing that the average American spends roughly 90% of their time indoors, it’s important that vacuuming keeps the air clean and you healthy. Proteam’s Super Coach Pro series contain a HEPA filter, which is at least 99.97% effective in filtering particles 0.3 microns or larger. Completely cleaning carpets and hard surfaces, not just moving the dust to a different location. Total, this four-level filtration system includes:

1. Intercept Micro Filter – which is reusable is some units
2. Micro Cloth Filter – Captures any dust that may have escaped passed the first filter.
3. Dome Filter – A plastic cage with a foam filter. Protects the motor.
4. HEPA Filter – Reduces emissions and captures any dust from motor.

What are the most important points from this?

  • The air stays cleaner, leaving no microscopic particles or carbon dust behind.
  • It’s lightweight and innovative design is comfortable to use.
  • The product pays for itself within a few uses.
  • No hunching or strains on the body.

ProTeam has proven that their product can benefit both commercial and household cleaning environments. They’re determined to succeed in a type of cleaning that keeps you healthy. Contact us today to schedule your free backpack vacuum demo!

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