Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Essentials from Kärcher

Wherever food is cooked, stubborn stains appear. Food residue and grease must be removed to prevent creating breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses. Together with our partner Kärcher, Q4 Industries offers the right equipment to thoroughly and efficiently clean and disinfect your commercial kitchen.

Cleaning Equipment for Commercial Kitchen Walls

Commercial kitchens often boast bright tiles and plenty of stainless steel. The key to keeping these elements clean after a long day of cooking? Pressure washers!

When used with cup foam lances or foam nozzles and an appropriate foam cleaning detergent, Kärcher pressure washers generate a powerful foam. Apply the foam from a distance of approximately three to six feet, working from the bottom of the walls to the top. Using a pressure washer and foam solution gives you the advantage of easily seeing where cleaning detergent has been applied, and foam lasts longer on surfaces than normal solutions, giving it more time to take effect.

Carry out the cleaning process from top to bottom, and alternate between alkaline and acidic foam cleaning solutions to eliminate potential breeding grounds for microorganisms. Remember to rinse tile joints with water first if you are using an acidic cleaning agent to prevent acid from attacking the grouting.

Tacking Floor Cleaning in Commercial Kitchens

Floors in commercial kitchens present particular challenges. Preventing slip-and-fall accidents is absolutely essential, but grease, water and food residue create a serious risk.

Our floor scrubbers from Kärcher are the perfect tools for making commercial kitchen floors cleaner and safer.

The BR 35/12 C BP is a compact walk-behind floor scrubber with an extra light, quick-charging and long-lasting high performance battery. The rotatable brush head and steering while provide an enhanced level of control that is ideal for cleaning in commercial kitchens.

Best of all, this unit leaves floors dry immediately after cleaning. Your kitchen crew can get back to work without worrying about an increased risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

In tight spaces, nothing performs better than the BR 35/12 C BP. The innovative steerable cylindrical scrub deck allows you to clean adjacent to the wall at a 90-degree angle. It can scrub in any direction, making it the most practical scrubber for commercial kitchens, which are often tight and congested. The scrub deck can also be rotated 200-degrees in both directions, virtually eliminating blind spots when cleaning.

Interested in learning more about this floor scrubber for commercial kitchens? Contact us today to schedule your free in-person demo in our Kansas City showroom!


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