Easy Fresh: The Simplest Air Freshener for Large Spaces

Odor control is always challenging in larger spaces, but Fresh Products just made it much easier. With Easy Fresh, you get consistent freshness for 30 days and worry-free refills.

Easy Fresh is the only air freshener dispenser in the world where the cover is the air freshener. This means Easy Fresh boasts the largest exposed surface area of any refill, delivering maximum fragrance release.

The innovative cover material holds two to three times more fragrance than metered aerosols or gels, and the motor-driven fan pushes fragrance further than conventional passive systems. This is the secret to keeping larger spaces fresh for longer.

The fan turns sparingly in the first week after installation, then gradually turns more frequently over the next three weeks. During week four, the fan runs constantly when the lights are on. Smart Chip technology controls fan activation, and a light sensor detects when the room is not in use to further conserve battery life.

Smart Servicing

The Easy Fresh reminds you when it’s time for service through three light prompts. A green blinking LED light indicates the unit is good, a red flashing LED light means it is time to replace the cover, and no light indicates the need for a new battery and cover. After the 33rd day of use, an audible alert sends an extra reminder that it is time to replace the cover.

Safe for the Environment

The Easy Fresh cannot misfire or spill, making it a safe choice for odor control. It is also part of the industry’s first closed-loop recycling program. Simply clean your Easy Fresh units after use, pack them in a shipping box and send them back to Fresh Products using a free return shipping label. Drop off the box at your local UPS shipping center, and Fresh Products will recycle them into new air fresheners. Click here to learn more about the Eco-Refresh program and how you can help make the world a cleaner, greener place.

Available Fragrances

There’s an Easy Fresh scent for every space and season. Choose from Citrus, Cotton Blossom, Cucumber Melon, Fabulous, Herbal Mint, Honeysuckle, Kiwi Grapefruit, Mango, Ocean Mist, Spiced Apple or Summer Sunshine.

Technical Specifications

Easy Fresh Air Freshener

Interested in learning more? Click here to view all of our Easy Fresh air fresheners in our online catalog, or stop by our showroom for a free demo!

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