Get a True Clean with Split! Restorative Non-Detergent Cleaner in Kansas City

Lean in — we are about to tell you a secret that chemical manufacturers don’t want you to know.

If you want to clean smarter, safer and more effectively, you must clean without detergents.

That’s right — without detergents.

Detergents, which are present in most conventional green cleaning products, work by being sticky. They attract soil and hold onto it. No matter their dilution, detergents by definition leave behind a residue on every single surface they touch. That residue is still sticky, and it attracts and holds onto soil from anything that touches it, from the soles of our shoes to wheels on carts. This causes rapid re-soiling and a surface that is no longer truly clean.

Split! Non-Detergent Cleaners have revolutionized green cleaning. These industrial strength cleaners contain no detergent at all. They work not by sticking to soil, but by splitting it instead. Soil is essentially blasted into such teeny tiny bits by these products that it can simply be wiped away. This allows for more effective cleaning of everything from discolored floors to deep-set carpet stains, all with no residue left behind. The result is a truly clean surface.

Split! effectively removes tough soil, bio-film and even old detergent residues. Nothing is left behind to attract and hold onto more dirt. Bare floors and stainless steel surfaces resist recoiling for twice as long as with detergent-based cleaners. Carpets cleaned with Split! stay clean four to eight times longer, requiring less frequent cleanings and saving you time, money and energy.

Split! Restorative Non-Detergent Cleaner

This solution is powerful enough for restorative cleaning but safe enough for the chemically sensitive. Like all Split! products, it contains no detergents and leaves no residue to accelerate re-soiling. Safe for use on any surface not harmed by water, Split! Restorative Non-Detergent Cleaner delivers cost savings through reduced labor, chemicals, water and electricity.

Tackle Soils, Stains and Germs

Split! Restorative completely removes detergent residues, grease, oil, animal fat, organic compounds, food and beverage stains, ink, mold, mildew, adhesive residue and more from any surfaces not harmed by water.

Split! Restorative also removes bio-film better than any detergent disinfectant. Bio-film is the living organisms like bacteria, viruses, animal dander and other components that create an ideal environment for germs to attach to a surface and grow as a community. Removing bio-film is absolutely essential to preventing the spread of these components that can cause disease, allergies and illness.

The ability to microscopically split organic molecules into bits small enough to wipe away is groundbreaking. For healthcare facilities, schools, universities, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities and other spaces, Split! Restorative’s bio-film keeps surfaces cleaner, healthier and safer while reducing or eliminating high impact restorative cleaning.

Remove Build-Up from Floors

Over time, thin layers of soap build up on stone floors and in grout after detergent use. That residue holds on to odors and soil, but Split! Restorative cleaner removes that build-up without harsh ingredients. Even better, Split! leaves no residue behind to attract more soils.


Spot Clean Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is notorious for showing fingerprints and other smudges, but it’s not the material itself that holds them, it is the polish used! Split! easily removes old dirt and polish, leaving your stall partitions, elevators, dispensers, drinking fountains and other stainless steel surfaces looking like new.


Eliminate Restroom and Kitchen Odors

Split! Restorative is ideal for use in restrooms and kitchens. Use it to thoroughly clean everything from the floor drains to the walls, countertops, sinks and fixtures. Old lingering odors are no match for this solution — they will disappear and stay gone!

Restore Specialty Floors

Finally, Split! Restorative removes residue that builds up quickly in the seams, textures and scratches of high-performance, no-wax floors. The film becomes very difficult to clean, and the floors will have an unsatisfactory appearance no matter what you do. Split! Restorative breaks up that old residue and removes soil layers to reveal the original floor.

Split! Restorative Non-Detergent Cleaner is in stock and available now at Q4 Industries. Click here to order online 24/7, or stop in our Kansas City showroom at 8261 Melrose Drive in Lenexa to see it in action for yourself with a free demo! Questions? Give us a call at 913.894.6240 to talk to one of our team members about how Split! can save you time and money while delivering true, residue-free cleaning. 


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