Partners in Protection

Partners in Protection: Cleaning and Disinfection Program for K-12 Schools

Developing and implementing a comprehensive cleaning and disinfection plan is essential for schools to respond to COVID-19 and other public health threats. With our partner Triple S, Q4 Industries has created an extensive program to help schools throughout the country develop plans that will help protect their students, teachers and administrators through this pandemic and beyond.

The Partners in Protection program helps K-12 schools establish and implement a cleaning and disinfection program that emphasizes cleaning for both health and appearance. The Partners in Protection roadmap includes concrete steps for breaking the chain of transmission in your school, minimizing the risk of outbreaks and meeting the expectations of your staff, students, administrators, teachers and parents. And the best part is that the Partners in Protection program can be provided to your school for NO COST!

The program’s foundation is three distinct pillars: Establish for Protection, Educate for Protection and Inspect for Protection. Each of these steps establishes best practices and guidelines for creating a unique cleaning and disinfection program for your facility.

Establish for Protection

This step helps schools assess their needs, set cleaning and disinfection standards and establish cleaning and disinfection protocols for every department within the school.

Education for Protection

During this step, we teach schools the best practices for cleaning disinfecting while assisting with educating and training staff, students and faculty.

Inspect for Protection

Finally, this step assists your school with an evaluation rating system that helps gauge success and communicate with staff, students, parents and teachers.

School Cleaning Guides by Area

As part of the Partners in Protection program, we will provide detailed cleaning guides by area for every inch of your school. We’ll cover cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces, provide recommendations for collaborative cleaning and outline additional protocols to increase safety and health in your space.

Ask us about our cleaning guides for custodians, classrooms, transportation, athletic areas, entryways, hallways, nurses’ offices, restrooms and the cafeteria!

Communication Tools

In light of heightened expectations from staff, teachers, students and parents, schools need to communicate and instill confidence in their ability to create a clean environment.

We provide facility signage to let people know about your cleaning program and help others learn proper procedures for hand washing and more.

We can also help facilitate direct communication by providing content for emails, bulletins or letters that inform your community about the steps your school is taking to clean for health.

Finally, we can set you up with the Gateway assessment platform to report on successes and share comprehensive reports on your Partners in Protection program.

While the Partners in Protection program can be adopted at any time, we highly recommend that schools use the summer break to prepare for the new school year and contact Q4 Industries as soon as possible to get started. We want to share our knowledge in these areas to ensure that your school district can provide a safe environment for students, faculty and administrators! Contact us today at 913-894-6240 to learn more.


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