Press Release: Revolutionizing Restroom and Tile Cleaning in Kansas City with Q4 Industries

Kansas City, MO – Q4 Industries takes the lead in transforming restroom and tile cleaning in Kansas City with its advanced cleaning machines. These innovative solutions are set to change the way businesses approach the often challenging task of keeping restrooms and tiles immaculately clean.

Introducing the CR2 Touch-Free Restroom Cleaning Machine

The CR2 from EDIC is a cutting-edge solution specifically designed to address the unique challenges of maintaining clean and hygienic public restrooms. This revolutionary system offers a comprehensive approach to restroom cleaning and restoration, ensuring deep cleaning capabilities, time and cost efficiency, and user-friendly operation. Key features include touch-free cleaning, automatic chemical metering, high-pressure cleaning, and a powerful vacuum and squeegee system. The CR2 also boasts a dual-head squeegee wand, quick dry system, convenient transport features, user-friendly controls, and a large capacity​​.

Endeavor Multi-Surface Cleaning Machine: A Versatile Solution

Q4 Industries also offers the Endeavor Multi-Surface cleaning machine, an all-in-one solution for varied flooring needs. This versatile machine is capable of cleaning carpets, upholstery, grouted tiles, and other hard surfaces. It excels in touchless restroom cleaning, ensuring a fast, safe, and effective cleaning process. The Endeavor’s design and features cater to the deep cleaning requirements of commercial and residential facilities, promoting a healthy indoor environment​​.

Why Choose Q4 Industries for Restroom and Tile Cleaning in Kansas City

  • Superior Cleaning Results: The CR2 and Endeavor machines provide deep cleaning and soil and bacterial removal, outperforming traditional cleaning methods​​.
  • Economical and Durable: These machines are more cost-effective and durable compared to conventional restroom cleaning methods, suitable for various environments from small stores to large office buildings​​.
  • Comprehensive Services: Q4 Industries goes beyond selling machines; they offer training and support, ensuring that your staff can properly use the equipment and chemicals for maximum effectiveness​​.

Free On-Site Demonstrations and Consultations

Understanding the importance of first-hand experience, Q4 Industries invites customers to schedule free on-site demonstrations and consultations. This opportunity allows potential buyers to see the effectiveness of the CR2 and Endeavor machines in action, ensuring they choose the right solution for their needs​​​​.


With its innovative restroom and tile cleaning machines, Q4 Industries is set to redefine cleaning standards in Kansas City. By offering superior cleaning solutions that are economical, versatile, and user-friendly, Q4 Industries establishes itself as the premier choice for businesses seeking efficient and effective cleaning solutions.

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