Our sense of smell is intimately linked to perceptions, memory and emotions. Scents, both unpleasant and pleasant, create an emotional response that can remind us of another time and place or experiences that have shaped our lives. Even in spaces that appear spotlessly clean, unpleasant odors can create a strong impression of uncleanliness. Dealing with the sources of bad odors is vital, but so is freshening the air in your facility with pleasant scents. This can be challenging in large areas, but the SensaMist S3000 scent diffuser makes the magic of scent simple.

The SensaMist diffuser relies on innovative atomizer technology to diffuse a fine mist of fragrance, enhancing any interior environment. This solution is ideal for improving the ambience in any public location, from office and apartment building lobbies, hotels and retail spaces to gyms, offices and even healthcare facilities. The fine mist and advanced technology ensure maximum coverage and concentration, and the SensaMist’s virtually silent operation means you can use it nearly anywhere without disturbing employees, customers or guests. Best of all, SensaMist’s fragrances contain Airadicate malodor counteractant and neutralizer to help prevent bad odors.

A Scent for Every Environment

SensaMist fragrances are available in a range of aromas to suit any application or environment. The fragrance oils are VOC exempt and made with the end user in mind to create a pleasant, uplifting environment. The addition of Airadicate counteractant and odor neutralizer removes bad smells instead of just covering them up, producing a stronger, longer lasting fragrance. 13 standard fragrances are available, including Mountain Air, Beach Waves and Blackberry Sage.

A Collection of Caring Fragrances

SensaMist Fragrances

Designed to offer comfort, reassurance and encouragement for customers and employees in public spaces, Sensa Mist’s four aromatherapy fragrances use scent to soothe. The Soothing scent has a lavender and chamomile base, eucalyptus and mint create the Reassuring fragrance, and sage and patchouli combine to form the Encouraging scent. For a Comforting aromatherapy experience, choose the vanilla/cedar combination.

Extended Coverage for Any Location

Unlike plug-in wall units or fragrance sprays, the SensaMist S3000 delivers consistent coverage in spaces up to 70,600 cubic feet. Perfect for attractions, conference areas, casinos, cinemas, convenience stores, gyms, education facilities, offices, retail establishments and more!

Want to see (and smell!) the difference for yourself? Contact Q4 Industries to schedule your free in-person SensaMist S3000 demo today in Kansas City!

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