Taking the Swing Out of the Swing Machine (Slow Speed Buffer)

One of the oldest technologies that janitors and cleaning professionals use is the slow speed buffer that some people refer to as the swing machine. Where did it get the name “swing machine?”

The term Swing Machine can easily be determined when you watch an individual use such a machine. The user “swings” the machine from left to right and from right to left. This machine can be VERY intimidating to the new user. New users often attempt to use their arms to control the machine rather than leaning the arm of the machine against the body and letting the body control the machine. After an hour of letting your arms control the machine, it is likely that the user will be so tired that they cannot continue to run the machine.

The swing machine which has been used for stripping floor finish for over 50+ has never changed much until Triple S came out with their new Slow Speed Buffer called the Cruiser 20. The Cruiser 20 is utilized by running it over the floor in STRAIGHT LINES…..you no longer swing the machine. While the benefits of this machine are obvious in that it is a lot less difficult to operate, it is also much easier to train a new floor technicians. Reduced training is important in the current era where it is difficult to find experienced floor technicians.

The following list covers some of the important and unique aspects of the Cruiser 20:

  • The Cruiser 20 only goes forward and back to strip, scrub or clean floors.
  • 130% faster than the standard 20-inch swing machine.
  • Triple planetary gears create a strong, quiet performance.
  • Heavy duty, welded steel frame that will provide longevity and many years of use.
  • 66-frame, 1.5 hp motor works great and makes it easy to scrub, strip or shampoo.
  • 100% pad contact with the floor that allows higher production for your staff.
  • Multi-position adjustable handle making it easy to use for all personnel to operate.
  • The base of the Cruiser 20 can be separated from the handle to make it easier to transport.

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