Restroom Cleaning Machines in Kansas City

Touch-Free Cleaning with EDIC CR2 Restroom Cleaning Machine in Kansas City

Maintaining public restrooms is challenging work that requires balancing efficiency with results while protecting your cleaning team from germs. EDIC’s CR2 touch-free restroom cleaning machine in Kansas City available here at Q4 Industries delivers the right tools to make cleaning easier while keeping your employees safe and reducing cross-contamination.

By combining a pressure washer with a powerful vacuum system, the CR2 effectively deep cleans restrooms better than traditional methods. While a mop can be difficult to maneuver and does little more than push dirt and grime around, the CR2 breaks dirt and debris loose from porous surfaces with up to 600 psi of pressure. It can also reach tight areas that mops miss, like spaces around urinals. The loosened grime is then removed with a squeegee and 3-stage vacuum system with 120” of water lift. The entire unit is easy to transport from restroom to restroom, and all necessary tools are stored conveniently onboard for versatile, convenient cleaning. Imagine cleaning a restroom without touching a single surface. The CR2 allows you to do exactly that.

Here is the 4 Step Cleaning Process:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

The EDIC CR2 has nearly identical cleaning features as the Kaivac 1750. We believe that the EDIC CR2 is a superior restroom cleaning device because it comes with a 5 year “bumper-to-bumper” warranty which covers everything (labor and parts are both covered for 5 years) other than wearables (e.g. squeegee, wheels, etc.).

Based on our experience selling Kaivacs, having a 5 year bumper-to-bumper warranty may save you thousands of dollars in repair costs. The EDIC CR2 is built with high quality motors, vacuums and parts that should give you years of use without any repair expense.

Restroom Cleaning Machines in Kansas City

CR2 Touch-Free Restroom Cleaning Machine Features

– Adjustable 600 psi pump for powerful cleaning of porous tile and grout lines

– All the tools you need for performance and efficiency, including a squeegee wand with dual head, gulper tool, spray gun, hand squeegee, hoses, sink attachment and QuickDri feature

– Large 17-gallon capacity for long run-times

– Built-in auto chemical feed system for increased productivity and the most accurate chemical metering

– Two-bolt access to components for easy service and maintenance

Restroom cleaning machines in Kansas City

EDIC CR2 Restroom Cleaning Machine Specifications


Brand: EDIC

Solution Tank: 17 gallon

Recovery Tank: 15 gallon

Vacuum Motor: Single 3-stage

Pump: Adjustable 550 psi/.86 GPM

Water Lift: 138”

Tank Construction: Polyethylene

Baseplate: 1/4” Aluminum

Rear Wheels: 7” non-marking

Casters: 4” locking

Power Cord: 50’ detachable, twist-lock cord

GFCI: Onboard GFCI on rear of machine

Dimensions: 39” H x 37” L x 22” W

Weight: 108 lbs

Electrical Draw: 14.5 amps

Vacuum Hose: 45’ wire frame and stretch combo

Exhaust Host: 45’ stretch hose with carrying bag

Wand: Swivel wand with squeegee/brush head

Pressure Gun: Durable 2 position high/low pressure

QuickDri Tool: Reducer cuff and hand tool

Other Tools: hand squeegee, gulper tool, sink fill adapter, microfiber towel, laminated instruction card

Solution Line: High pressure, 50

Warranty: 5 year parts and labor, lifetime on housing

Interested in seeing the EDIC CR2 Touch-Free Restroom Cleaning Machine in action? Contact Q4 Industries today at 913.894.6240 to schedule your free demo at our Kansas City showroom! 


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