Hand hygiene in Kansas City with Transcend from von Drehle and Q4 Industries

Transcending the Norms: Elevating Hand Hygiene in Kansas City Facilities

In the post-pandemic world, the importance of hand hygiene has never been more apparent. As the fall season commences and the threat of flu season rises, facility managers are tasked with promoting diligent hand hygiene to protect the health and safety of their occupants. Achieving this, however, transcends simply installing hand sanitizer stations or soap dispensers in restrooms. The challenge is fostering a culture that values and practices good hand hygiene – a challenge that demands innovative solutions and strategies.

One such solution lies in the advanced line of hand care products from von Drehle: Transcend. Developed with the voice of the customer in mind, the Transcend line provides a comprehensive and versatile approach to hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene in Kansas City with Transcend from von Drehle and Q4 Industries

Creating Convenient Hygiene Stations with Transcend

Facilitating hand hygiene goes beyond the restroom doors. The idea is to make hygiene practice as convenient and accessible as possible. The Transcend Electronic Hand Care Dispenser is designed to support this vision. Available in both black and white, these dispensers can be stationed throughout your facility – in lobbies, break rooms, conference rooms and near workstations. Such placements encourage occupants to cleanse their hands more frequently, ultimately reducing the spread of illnesses.

The dispenser’s adjustable dosage settings (0.4, 0.8, 1.2 mL) allow you to control usage and reduce waste. Plus, the refills are interchangeable between manual and electric dispensers, minimizing your stock requirements. To further aid in creating hand hygiene stations, von Drehle also offers black and white stands, making the installation of free-standing hand sanitizing stations a breeze.

Soothing Solutions: Transcend Moisture-Lux Foam Soap and Alco-Foam E3 Rated Hand Sanitizer

Along with convenient access, another key aspect of promoting hand hygiene is ensuring the process is pleasant for the user. Dry, rough hands can deter people from washing or sanitizing their hands as frequently as they should. This is where the Transcend Moisture-Lux Foam Soap steps in. Enriched with natural extracts and skin conditioners, this soap gently washes away impurities, leaving hands feeling smooth, clean, and refreshed. Plus, it comes with a light citrus fragrance that enhances the user experience.

Similarly, Transcend Alco-Foam E3 Rated Hand Sanitizer ensures cleanliness without compromising comfort. It kills 99.99% of common germs and bacteria that can cause illness while leaving hands feeling smooth and refreshed. Adhering to the CDC’s recommendation, it contains at least 60% alcohol or ethyl alcohol.

Hand Hygiene: A Culture, Not a Chore

With these innovative solutions in place, facility managers can start to foster a culture of hand hygiene. Remember, accessibility and pleasant user experience are key. However, it’s also important to communicate the importance of hand hygiene to your occupants. Use signage to remind people to wash their hands regularly and sanitize as they move around the building. Most importantly, make hand hygiene a priority and a part of your facility’s culture. With a concerted effort and the right tools, we can Transcend the norms of hand hygiene in Kansas City, reducing the spread of not just COVID-19, but other viruses as well.

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