Ultra Light, Ultra Strong: Introducing the NEW Kärcher BVL 5/1 BP Backpack Vac in Kansas City

Ultra light and ultra strong, Kärcher’s BVL 5/1 BP backpack vacuum is the world’s first battery powered unit made from ultra lightweight EPP material. Weighing in at just over 10 pounds (half the weight of its predecessor and its competitors!), the BVL 5/1 BP delivers the ultimate in both convenience and cleaning capabilities.

Backpack Vac in Kansas City

The Ideal Backpack Vac in Kansas City for Narrow Spaces

The small, light profile of this backpack vac makes it perfect for narrow spaces where cleaning is difficult, including airplanes, trains, buses and seating in cinema aisles. Use it where other units can’t go!

Convenient, Cordless, Comfortable Cleaning

With an output of 500 watts, a long battery runtime and a 1.3 gallon container, the backpack vac perfectly combines convenience and comfort with performance. Other features include an ergonomic carrying frame and waist-strap control panel for effortless use and a brushless EC drive that is extremely resistant to wear and tear.

Reducing Physical Strain

Vertical vacuums are notorious for how much pulling and pushing they require. This can strain your janitorial team and lead to injuries in the elbows, lower back, wrists and more. The BVL 5/1 BP backpack vac reduces physical strain by allowing the user to use their body weight to help move the vacuum back and forth. This unit also eliminates the hunching common with vertical vacuuming, protecting the back.

Backpack Vac Features

Ultra-light design:
  • Weighs only 10 pounds with the battery included!
  • Fatigue-free cleaning
  • Cord-free use with outstanding flexibility and mobility
  • No cord means no risk of trip and fall hazards
Durable, innovative material:
  • EPP is environmentally friendly and easy to recycle
  • Long-lasting and robust
  • Ultra light material weighs 50% less than other models
Comfort and convenience:
  • Swapping batteries is easy for nearly continuous run time
  • Extremely comfortable carrying harness, even when using for long periods
  • Waist-strap control panel for easy control of all functions
Brushless EC drive:
  • Extends lifetime of vacuum and reduces maintenance costs
  • Increases productivity and efficiency by allowing long periods of use

Backpack Vac Specs

Interchangeable Battery

Kärcher has made the battery for this backpack interchangeable with two other Kärcher machines. Kärcher has introduced a new wet/dry vacuum and a new sweeper vacuum that use the same batteries in those machines as is used in the Kärcher battery operated backpack discussed above. We will be highlighting the wet/dry vacuum and the sweeper vacuum in future social media posts this month (June 2022).

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