Triple S Premier Floor Finishes

Matrix Floor Finish

No ones likes grungy scuff marks on their floors. If you are in the floor finishing market, here are three of my favorite high quality Triple S floor finishes that should help you find your flooring solutions. Each solution contains a Polymer Matrix Technology which refers to the innovation of…


Choosing ProTeam – Super Coach Pro 6 & 10

backpack vacuum Industrial --

For individuals with less than perfect backs *cough, myself included* keep reading, your back will thank you later. Founded in 1987 in Boise, Idaho, ProTeam has become a market leader in commercial vacuums. With prime focuses on productivity and ergonomics, cost of ownership and indoor air quality, the powerful title…


Recessed Dispenser by Georgia Pacific

For the past week we have been giving you information about the Georgia-Pacific enMotion line. We talked about the water-resistant automated dispenser, and the small and compact Impulse 8. Now last in the line is the enMotion Recessed Automated Touchless Towel dispenser. This dispenser has all of the great high-tech features of…


Georgia Pacific – Impulse 8

As we told you before, Q4 distributes Georgia-Pacific products. Last blog gave some information on the water resistant Automated Dispenser. Today we will give some quick product information on the enMotion Impulse® 8 paper towel dispenser. Packing a mighty capacity for clean in such a small body, the Impulse 8 is built…


Look, No Hands.
– enMotion

Q4 carries some amazing items by Georgia-Pacific and over the next few weeks we will talk about each product and highlight their features. Available for leasing is the enMotion® hands free paper towel dispenser line. Easily one of the best and most popular dispenser lines on the market, few other…